Friday, 30 July 2010

The Silent Watcher

Ronnie had been watching everything Hans and Chloe had been doing, he’d followed them all around the Duck Show. PC Plod had asked him as usual to look out for anything suspicious, and they were acting a little suspicious. More suspicious than usual in fact. Indeed Ronnie, had always been a little suspicious of Hans and Chloe, because unlike everyone else he could never tell what they were thinking about. He couldn’t work out why?
But this time they’d been even more suspicious, sneaking around – but given that they were now tied up and being held captive he didn’t suspect them of anything dodgy. Rather more suspicious were the three people, if you could call them that, which were currently holding them there. He hadn’t believed his eyes when he’d seen one of the change into a bear.
Ronnie had seen some odd things in his time, but who wouldn’t if you were living with a mother with 13 different personalities. It certainly kept him on his guard, especially when he went shopping as Teresa often emerged then and he had to be on his guard for her stealing something from the supermarket, especially shampoo. She always said she couldn’t have enough of it and rather than a regular shoplifter trying to take just one of something, Teresa would attempt to take a whole crate and hide it under her coat, which frankly looked a bit bizarre. He always found this a little odd, apart from the kleptomania, as she never seemed to steal a similar quantity of conditioner to go with it.
If anything counted as an emergency for calling PC Plod this was it, all he was doing now was waiting for him to arrive whilst watching on outside the greenhouse helplessly as he saw the scene unfolding within. His gaze was so fixed on it and the bizarreness of the shapeshifting inside that he didn’t spot Mervin sneaking up behind him.
“Ssh,” said Mervin quietly as he put his hand over Ronnie’s mouth to stop him screaming. “We can’t let them know we’re out here, we need to come up wi’ a way to save them from being ripped to shreds.”
“But surely they can’t get away with it, it’s inhuman, someone would catch them,” protested Ronnie.
“Who’s gonna believe that they could grow the huge claws to do that though. They could just say it was a pack of wild animals,” explained Mervin, “They might even say it were something like gophers!”
“But aren’t gophers tiny creatures that live in America?” enquired Ronnie.
“Yes but if yeh tell enough people, enough times that gophers are huge six-foot tall beasts that prey on tramps and the occasional unfortunate person that gets in their way, people will eventually believe yeh,” answered Mervin. “Anyways, enough question for a moment, I need to think.”
Just at that moment they say two blurs moving across the field towards the greenhouse. As they drew closer, they could tell it was PC Plod with Ted shouting something from behind him.
“I’m telling you, it won’t work,” Ted yelled between breaths as he chased after Sherman. And he was right – they both collided with the glass wall of the greenhouse and knocked themselves out.