Friday, 30 July 2010


The Transformation Inc. section of the duck show was almost half of it. They had some pens where the cream of their crop were displayed as well as several large marquees. For the behind the scenes work they had a few more marquees as well as several mobile homes that were probably being used as offices.
“Jeez, they must be really big in the duck world,” exclaimed Hans, “looks like we’re gonna have to search through every single one of these tents and trucks.”
“Or we could just sneak into the back of the marquee with the armed guard outside,” said Chloe
The marquee they’d sneaked into held a gruesome sight. There was a big pile of dead ducks that had been split open and a bloody table with a knife on it where they’d been split. Chloe had thrown up then and there, and Hans would have too, but he’d been fasting before going into hospital for an operation on his little toe, so ended up just retching with nothing coming out.
They’d decided to ring Mervin to get down here and explain to them what on earth was going on. It took him half an hour to arrive, and when he made his way into the marquee, Hans immediately offered him a bag to throw up into.
“It’s okay, I did tha’ already back at the castle when yeh rang up and described it,” said Mervin, “yeh didn’t need to be quite so graphic as describing every last misplaced bone or internal organ yeh know.”
Mervin quickly surveyed the scene, and when he spotted a small white package that had been dropped under the bloodied table he quickly figured out exactly what was going on.
“They’re smuggling drugs in using the ducks!” he exclaimed. “Not just any old crap neither, its high.”
“What’s high?” queried Hans
“The name of the drug, it’s a magical drug called High.”
“And what does it do?” asked Chloe
“Does exactly what it says, makes yeh high!”
“Don’t all drugs do that anyway?”
“Yeh imbecile, it literally makes yeh high, yeh’d float right off if yeh’re not careful,” answered Mervin. He thought about explaining to Hans about the other magical drugs that existed. Such as Nostalgia, which was particularly addictive to those who felt depressed as it made them believe they were living in happier time in the past and just ceased to react to stimuli in the present. Or there was Blow, which gave you a high for the rest of your life, with just the tiniest drawback of your life only being another 2.4 seconds long before you exploded. Strange how they never put that on the packaging, thought Mervin. But Mervin thought better of attempting to explain this, Hans was confused by just one magical drug – who knows what learning there were more would do to him.
“Alright, so how do we put a stop to it?” asked Hans, adding, “do we call PC Plod? After all, the residual magic seemed to want him to find this.”
“No, as per usual, he won’t have a clue,” replied Mervin. “Best thing for it is if I try and raise some of the local wizarding union and we put a stop to it now. You two stay here and find Meow, but whatever you do don’t approach her,” he warned.