Friday, 30 July 2010

The Duck Show

The field at McGregor’s farm next door to the one with the unicorns disguised as horses in it was the venue for the 5th Avysmere Duck Show. The field was full of marquees and steel fencing that had been arranged to make pens to hold the ducks of each exhibitor in.
They were directed into a makeshift car park and then began to make their way over to the show.
As Chloe wandered over, she mused upon what she saw before her
“So where should we start looking then?” asked Chloe.
Before Hans could respond someone ran into him, sending both him and his assailant flying.
“Sorry there,” said Crazy Dave as he picked himself up and the offered Hans a hand.
“You’ll never guess what I just saw in the greenhouse at the other side of the field,” continued Dave, “it was just like my source said.”
“And what might that be?” asked Chloe
“A moose in the greenhouse!”
“You what?” asked Hans
“A real live moose that’s living in the greenhouse.”
They wandered over to have a look, navigating the show goers. Hans peered inside and scanned the foliage. “You know there’s nothing there,” he said.
“That’s because it’s invisible,” explained Dave.
“But surely you’d see it push past the plants when it moves?” said Chloe.
“But it’s also imaginary too,” replied Dave.
“So it’s imaginary and invisible, then?”
“Yeah, you’ve got it.”
“Come on Hans, he’s clearly wasting our time,” said Chloe, beckoning Hans to follow her.
“I’ve heard it’s killed before,” shouted out Dave, desperate to get them back as they wandered back over to the Duck Show.