Friday, 30 July 2010

The Hunt For Chairman Meow

“Okay, so where do you think this Meow person will be, then?” Hans asked Chloe after they’d waved off Mervin.
“Siberia!” she replied sarcastically.
“But surely he’d be somewhere around here,” Hans replied before spotting the sarcastic tone in her reply.
Chloe was in fact always being sarcastic, it was like a way of life for her. But then if you were a vegetarian half-vampire, you’d need something to get you through the day. The weird thing for Hans was that despite usually being the object of ridicule in these sarcastic remarks, it made him more and more attracted to Chloe. Which was rather fortunate given they’d been going out for a few months now, it quite probably wouldn’t have worked out so well if he hadn’t.
“How am I supposed to know?” she asked, feeling rather flustered. Hans did have the most terrible habit of asking the most stupid questions. Instead she decided to ponder for a while and after several minutes of discussion they opted for the clichéd tactic of splitting up and look for clues. No professional investigator would have done this, as they would know that it usually means that one of them will get into some difficulties and the other(s) will have to attempt some sort of plan to rescue them from their predicament. Fortunately the writer of this story isn’t one for clichéd plot points, at least if they can avoid it.
Instead they wandered around the Transformation Inc. marquees and trailers, and eventually Hans spotted a heavily guarded trailer (or at least, with two bodyguards outside it, it was far more heavily guarded than anywhere else) and went to find Chloe to work out how what to do next.
The only problem with Hans attempting to sneak around like this, was that he wasn’t very good at it, and immediately began being followed by one of the guards. In a clichéd tale, Hans would have been captured at this point and that would be the end of this chapter, but this wasn’t to be. Instead, as Hans passed by the trailer the door suddenly opened, knocking out the man who had been tailing him. If he’d bothered to look around he would have notice that behind him on the floor, instead of the burly man who had been following him was an unconscious bulldog. But Hans was far too unobservant to notice that he had even been followed in the first place. Nevertheless, the second guard who’d just stepped out of the trailer wasn’t so incompetent and walloped Hans over the head before he could even consider the possibility of it happening.