Friday, 30 July 2010

Plodding Along

PC Plod had had an odd evening. He’d finally met one of Ms Baxter’s other personalities. When she’d first appeared with a signed note from Susan saying it was okay for him to talk to this personality, he’d been sceptical. But then he’d remembered all the trouble that Ronnie had had at school as they always believed he was forging notes from his mother as her handwriting changed with every different personality.
He thought when he met one of her other personalities that he’d be ready for it. But he hadn’t banked on meeting a personality like this though.
“Y’all alright there, young’un?” asked Ms. Baxter. Those words would have been weird enough for Sherman even if she hadn’t spoken in a rather male elderly Texan accent. “Y’ seems, a little taken aback there, name’s Earl y’know.”
Earl was Ms Baxter’s only male personality, which Sherman found rather disturbing – Susan’s body having the voice and mannerisms of a 50 year old Texan ranger who probably ought to have a big droopy moustache and be wearing one of those big old cowboy hats.
It wasn’t like the rest of the evening hadn’t been pleasant either, and even despite Earl being rather hyperactive. Indeed whilst Earl had been there they’d talked about cars and fixed the police station plumbing. And for some reason Earl had started planning a barn dance, apparently Ronnie had said something to Susan about Sherman wanting one. He was the only one of Susan’s personalities that would appear at the same time on a regular basis every week, every Tuesday in fact at precisely 4.16pm until 8.32pm – which made is what made it possible for him to make sure that the barn dance would happen for PC Plod and Susan.
But the evening was about to be spoiled, surprisingly not by Sherman doing or saying anything out of place as he had worried about earlier. Instead his mobile started ringing, it was Ronnie and it sounded like he was in trouble.
Sherman made his excuses, grabbed a coat and ran once he got outside the door. He didn’t even stop to explain to Earl/Susan what was happening to her son. He rationalised this as trying not to worry her, but he wasn’t sure who actually was in trouble, after all Ronnie had phoned him which probably meant it wasn’t him. Sherman was wondering about this so much he didn’t see Ted step out right in front of him and the two collided into each other.
Sherman stood up, dusted himself off and grabbed a surprised Ted. Rescuing someone and getting to be a hero was just the thing for severe depression he thought.