Friday, 30 July 2010

The Rescuers

Mervin sighed. But it wasn’t just any old sigh, it was the one Mervin had been perfecting for when younger people did something rash and stupid.
They had of course, attracted the attention of the guards who had immediately come over to find out what on earth had just happened. It was time for Mervin to hatch his plan.
“How come none of them have spotted us here yet?” asked Ronnie
“I’ve put an invisibility bubble around us,” replied Mervin
“Oh, how does that work?” queried Ronnie and then thought for a second and added, “I thought that invisibility stuff usually came in cloak form?”
“What’s the point in an invisible cloak? If the cloak’s invisible then surely people can see yeh the same anyway, the only use it would be was if yeh was somewhere cold, but didn’t want to make people feel uncomfortable for not putting the heating on,” he answered, ignoring the first question as he attempted to come up with a solution to their current problems. “I’ve got a plan, but it may seem a little odd.”
“As odd as invisibility bubbles?”
“Possibly,” answered Mervin, adding “here it comes” before pausing just a few seconds for effect.
“Right, yeh’ve just gotta imagine there’s a rampaging moose in there,” ordered Mervin
Although it was possibly the most bizarre thing that Ronnie had ever been asked to do, he went with it. After all, it wasn’t like he had a better plan. And he was sure someone had been saying something about moose and greenhouses in the village a few months ago. He’d always thought that the natural habitat of moose wasn’t greenhouses but was actually the open highlands of some cold country somewhere, but given his mum occasionally had the personality of an alien he could see that anything was possible.