Friday, 30 July 2010

A Proposition

When Hans came to he found himself in the greenhouse. The first thing Hans felt when he woke up was relief that Chloe hadn’t attempted to sneak around trailer instead of him, being stuck in a greenhouse for a prolonged period of time would kill her, literally. The second thing was that his hands were bound behind his back.
As he began to get his bearings fully he slowly realised that he was tied to one of the posts holding up the greenhouse roof, and unfortunately was tied up next to Chloe after all. Which made him panic, tremendously whilst he waited for the writer of this story to discover some way of recounting quite how he’d got into this predicament.
“At last you’re awake,” said Chloe angrily, “If you’d only have looked where you were going you wouldn’t have run into that other trailer. I was struggling to outrun them anyway without having to drag your body along too.”
Meow approached them, flanked by two men, whom Hans and Chloe both assumed correctly to be other shapeshifters.
Hans tried to work out if any of the magic he could do would be useful. He could turn both him and Chloe invisible, but despite Meow not being able to see them in particular, with them being tied to the post it would be fairly obvious where they were. He could knock Meow out magically too, but that still left the problem of being tied to the post. Altogether his magical repertoire was somewhat limited, which upset Hans. He’d been trying so hard to learn stuff but things seemed to come fairly slowly to him. Although in theory just having to concentrate to do magic seems simple, the problem is you have to concentrate in a different way each time. Hans compared it to cooking completely different dishes – you had to learn a new recipe each time. He wasn’t particularly good at that either.
The situation was desperate but, although he didn’t think it would work, Hans had another plan. “You do know there’s a killer moose on the loose in here?” he said out of desperation.
“Oh really, so where is it then?” asked Meow, in a menacing Russian accent.
“It’s… erm… hiding… erm…in the bushes over that way,” Hans said whilst indicating with his head.
Meow indicated for one of her companions to go check it out, the man transformed into a grizzly bear and set off to check it out. Finding nothing, he came back towards Meow and reported to that effect.
“So Mr Little, I was expecting you,” said Meow. “You thought you could foil my operation, you should think again. Do you think I’m stupid?”
“No,” said Hans who was somewhat scared by this point. Not just because of the muscle that was able to change into even bigger scary animals, but also because Meow kept going towards his face with her nails in a way that made him think she was going to claw him. He’d never been a fan of claws or cats in general, but then most things that have caused you intense pain in the groin area people generally aren’t fans off.
“I have a proposition for you, Mr. Little,” Meow continued, “You may think you’re better off trying to stop me, but I think different. You have connections, you have magical talent, you have a certain boldness. Do you fancy a change in your line of work?”
Hans didn’t answer, he was too busy thinking that Meow had been spending far too much time watching old Bond films for her own good – the only thing she was missing was a cat to stroke, but then she could turn into one which kinda made up for it.
Meow scratched his face lightly, but just hard enough to draw blood. “Do I have your attention now, Mr Little?” asked Meow insistently. “As I said, I have a proposition. What do you say to the idea of working for me?”