Friday, 30 July 2010


Sherman was frozen as the camera began to roll; he’d never been on national TV before. He simply had never prepared himself for it, when he’d joined the force he’d wanted to be a police radio operator, but they wouldn’t let him in as his name wasn’t either Charlie, Mike, Oscar, Romeo or Victor. And when he was posted to a village like Avysmere he didn’t think anything all that relevant to the rest of the world would happen there.
But he slowly recovered himself, although he’d couldn’t remember much, he’d been told that he’d charged in and saved the day, foiling a scheme to drug millions, and he recounted this to the interviewer.
“And what would you say to those who suggest a rampaging, invisible moose played some part in today’s proceedings?” asked the reporter.
Sherman took a deep breath, composed himself and replied, “Today’s arrest was down to solid police work.”
“But we have witness who has indicated there was,” said the reporter pointing to Dave.
“You do know he’s known as Crazy Dave?” enquired Sherman, “But I can’t reveal any more information without compromising operational security, thank you.” He was quite pleased with himself as he walked off, with more performances like that he could become a career politician he thought.