Friday, 30 July 2010


A heartfelt thank you goes out to the reader of this, thank you for persevering with the second instalment of this series of tales. You are about to bear witness to more of what the mind can conjure up when it is sufficiently void of sensations, otherwise known as boredom. Hopefully the reader will enjoy this instalment as much as they did the last (Of course you may have hated it and are just reading this because you like inflicting mental torment upon yourself – in which case please seek professional help).
Readers may, however, have gained an inaccurate idea of the character of Hans, our main figure in these tales. He is not, as some of you readers may think, an idiot, rather he is merely special. By that it is meant that he looks at the world and appreciates it in a different manner to what many people are accustomed to. He is a man who whilst playing games with a pack of topless cards would be more interested in the backdrop which the photos of these women were shot against, than the women themselves. He takes delight in odd things and strange details, which may seem rather dull, but it does makes for interesting reading…