Friday, 30 July 2010

Sherman's Luck

PC Plod spent the rest of the morning putting up posters that he’d received in a courier package. He always ended up with the rubbish cases, nothing ever interesting happened for him to investigate. He knew he wasn’t exactly the best investigator until Ronnie had turned up in the village, but apart from that building with the collapsed roof in Dunnuffin a few months back nothing that was even close interesting happened locally. He spent most of his time prosecuting people for attempting to graffiti on walls with invisible ink pens – hardly the cutting edge of crime fighting. They’d made the whole sleepy village thing sound really good when he’d been posted here, but it was just a little boring for his liking.
But he was faced with a bigger problem. The cheese and wine evening which he’d been invited to this evening. It really frustrated him that nobody seemed to do anything different here apart from cheese and wine evenings. He thought that every once in a while someone may want to organise a dinner party. Given the amount of farms around here he thought that someone might have organised a barn dance. But no, it was just his luck that he was lactose intolerant and everyone seemed to organise nothing but cheese and wine evenings. Obviously, he knew it probably had something to do with Avysmere Dairy being one of the biggest employers of local people but surely they could have a little bit of consideration for him.
Normally he’d just refuse to go, and if it had been any other of Ms Baxter’s personalities then he would have been able to. He’d been dating Susan for a month or so now, and she’d banned him from seeing any of her other personalities, which would have given him an excuse. But he couldn’t let Susan down, could he?